Journal No. 8

As I started adding images to my blog, I began to think about how I might use this tool. I realized that from the outset, I was treating it much like I have treated my many journals: sprinkling and mingling writing, personal musings, notes, images, inspirations, and so on, all within the same receptacle. I thought, this here is my latest journal.

I have kept journals since I was 8 years old, and I still have all of them. I remember starting my first ever one. I bought a book at my school’s book fair called Amelia’s Notebook, which was basically a faux-journal written and doodled by the fictitious Amelia (if I remember her name correctly). Amelia was my first muse, her journal my first inspiration! I acquired a black-and-white spiral notepad, bedazzled it with stickers and glitter, and gave it a title: Betina’s Notebook.

In the 14 years since Betina’s Notebook, I have filled (and sometimes abandoned midway–a new phase in life often requires a new book) 6 more journals. This is journal number 8.

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