Fashion is in the air…

That I started this draft on Sunday and am only sitting down to post it at 1 A.M. on Friday is a testament to the wonderfully hectic whirlwind of this past week. Peter Som’s first fashion show in almost two years is on Saturday, and the preparations have been feverish in pace and utterly fascinating!

So flash back to February 7, a Sunday evening…

“…I am sitting here in a makeshift designer’s studio, riding a thrillingly tumultuous wave of creative, nervous, and excited energy. Tunes attuned to the new collection’s mood board are playing full blast, heightening the sense in me that something amazing is about to happen. It makes me want to dance around the whitewashed-brick-walled space, but I hold back for the sake of propriety and rest.  That I am sitting right now is in fact an anomaly as the Fashion Week buzz has had me on my feet and running around the city at full speed.

I have always loved fashion in a personal way, geared toward cultivating a personal style and feeling put together (or artfully undone, depending on my mood) when I leave home. Self-expression is a very visual and a very necessary thing for me…”

Ever since that introspective little musing on self-expression, life went into fast-forward mode. I have barely felt the time pass this past week: so much has happened, and I have learned so much. I feel like I have so much to say and to reflect on, but am so invested in throwing my entire mind and body into the experience of fashion week, that rumination must be put on hold for now.

Stay tuned.

Rest in peace McQ.

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