Beatriz Milhazes’ Colorful Pas de Deux

I have spoken before about how I most enjoy art that celebrates life: art that is full of color, energy, mystery, beauty, concept, light, spirit, simplicity, complexity and/or all of the above and so on, etc etc etc… What I love most about Beatriz Milhazes’ work is how she paints, collages and draws a dance for the eyes. Her overlapping patterns, shapes, flowers and colors create a rhythmic beat to lead our visual pas de deux. Or, should I say visual lambada or samba?

Succulent Eggplants, 1996, Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 74 3/4 x 96 1/2″ (189.9 x 245.1 cm). Image from

I love how in Succulent Eggplants, the collage comes together to form an exotic land-mass or continent. Or a vine-intwined tree. Or a map. Or a series of mandalas. Looking at a Milhazes painting is like looking at clouds.

As Irmas (The Sisters), 2003, screenprint, 51” x 59”. Image from

The Sisters is psychadelic sheet music. The flowers and mandalas are the percussion.

Avenida Brasil, 2003-04, Acrylic on canvas, 300 cm x 400 cm. Image from

I feel like Avenida Brasil combines the techniques in the two other images I have here. It is map and music, united by vibrant hues and vivacious florals.

Her art is not afraid to be decorative, joyful and celebratory. I find her inspiring and uplifting, and can relate to her aesthetic in my own collages.

Let your eyes sing, dance, move and twirl with Milhazes’ paintings, so ripe with Brazilian soul!

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