On the cusp of spring

Spring vibrations are finally in the air! For the first time in months I shed my down coat and walked in the blue skied sunshine. Today is one of those transitional days, where there is an inkling of the warm spring weather to come, mingled with the residual briskness of a winter chill. It resembles autumn weather, but imbued with an added optimism, because the worst is behind us, not looming ahead.

Today’s energy of a positive shift and the promise of longer, milder days, for some reason brings my mind to associate with this strange yet beautiful image…

I found this inspiration image in the interminable vaults of the internet with Peter Som and his bold use of print and pattern in mind. I thought it somehow represented his aesthetic of chic, elegant quirk and whimsy. However, it really appeals to my own aesthetic sense as well, and today, it matches my mood.

Something about the light saturation in the image, and the way it softly touches the entire composition, warming and illuminating it, reminds me of spring’s early gestures. The peculiar trio of figures are relaxed in the gentle radiance produced by the almost season. They wear long sleeves, but no one is bundled or tensed against a frozen wind, because it is no longer there. They look like they are waiting for something. Is that you, Spring? We have missed you so long.

The figures’ lingering, expectant stances emphasize that this moment of flux is not yet complete. Though brave enough to leave the shelter of the car, they do not gambol and roll in the surrounding field. Winter’s slow ebb endures. However, as spring’s tentative creep gains poise and contention, winter’s recession becomes brisk, her vestigial presence more demure. Our wait is almost through.

Every year, we experience this recurrent cycle of seasons. The image itself seems to transcend time and culture. It reflects the period genre, with the bucolic, pastoral setting, and the voluminous silhouette of the woman’s dress. It embodies a 1970’s sense of psychedelia with the blown-out leopard print of her skirt, and the zebra pattern on her companions pleated trousers. His minimalist haircut and shirt, paired with the trio’s eerily stiff, alien postures communicate old-fashioned notions of the futuristic. Even interpretations of the geographical location are malleable.

Where are we in this image? We are on the cusp of spring.

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